About Us


Traveling all over the world, Alfredo Resi brought only
the finest coffee beans from South America, Brazil,
and Africa back to Italy in 1936. Producing his coffee
for the Allied Armed Forces during the second World War,
the Resi family name became one of the most central in the
Neapolitan coffee market. Today, led by the fourth
generation, and 85 years of experience, we guarantee a
deep-rooted passion and knowledge of true Italian espresso
by combining the tradition of master roasters with our
technical expertise.


A wonderful, centuries-old tradition exists in Napoli: the gift
of coffee to strangers. Beginning in the late 1800s, one could order
a sospeso, paying the price of two coffees, but consuming only
one. Anyone could then ask if there was a “suspended” coffee
available and would be served a coffee for free. A tradition
of kindness and generosity, this gesture that’s as simple as buying
due caffè instead of one, can change the course of someone else’s
day for the better- and Napoli knows it.


Formerly named Brazil Company, the company was founded in 1936, when Alfredo Resi decided to import and sell raw coffee to leading Italian coffee roasting companies.



Following his father’s footsteps, Paolo Resi took the reins of the company under a new name: Resi Bras. It focused on the import of green coffee from the best plantations in the world.


During the Eighties, the company created a strong bond with experts from the producing countries, guaranteeing a high- quality standard of the imported product.



The ongoing search for high quality coffee allowed a constant refinement of the roasting process. That was the beginning of Brascafè, which offered selected and special blends made with the finest coffee.


Today, the company has two manufacturing locations in Naples, and established Resi Trade INC. in NYC, to export coffee to the U.S market with a new product line, including whole bean, ground coffee, and Nespresso compatible capsules.



Educating and training consumer’s palates
to spread the culture of good coffee.
The choice should not be dictated just by
the brand producing it but also-and above
all- by the quality of the raw materials,
from the origin of the beans, the degree
of roasting, their organoleptic quality
profile and the blends to analyzing
the method of packaging. The Company’s
objective is to make consumers aware
that they are dealing with a natural
but heterogeneous product that requires
a cultural transformation in order
to be tasted.


Working with and for the culture of a universal
beverage which requires care, research
and processing, hoping to become a reference
point for its development and conservation
of knowledge. The Resi family and their team
are a perfect example of how several
generations can work in complete synergy,
living among contaminations of experience
and innovation, wisdom and experimentation,
preserving the ancient know-how
but projecting into the future with their vision.


Creating and sharing value is
the foundation for developing a personal
and professional environment. Intellectual
honesty, transparency and passion for work
is at the heart of the company’s ethic.
Presenting an excellent, natural product
for coffee enthusiasts who are ready
to discover and rediscover themselves,
to transform a simple coffee tasting into
a truly unforgettable experience.